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Julian Shillcock


I am an Associate Professor at MEMPHYS, which is attached to the Department of Physics and Chemistry. A one-page CV is here.

Research Interests

The aim of my research is to use coarse-grained simulation techniques to model aspects of a living cell. Current projects include using parallel Dissipative Particle Dynamics to study membrane invagination on 100 - 500 nm length scales, and measuring the stress profile across vesicle membranes.

Other projects or collaborations include:

  • Optimizing a drug delivery vehicle for delivering its payload to membrane-bound receptors
  • Exploring the dynamical response of a membrane to the adhesion of nanoparticles
  • Engulfment of foreign objects into a cell

The techniques I use are particle-based simulation methods such as Dissipative Particle Dynamics, Brownian dynamics, Molecular Dynamics, and theoretical tools such as reaction-diffusion equations, non-linear differential equations.

Recent Publications: h-index = 20

A modeling approach to the self-assembly of the Golgi apparatus
J. Kühnle, J. C. Shillcock, O. G. Mouritsen and M. Weiss, Biophys. J. 98: 2839 (2010).

Self-assembly of actin monomers into long filaments: Brownian Dynamics Simulations.
K. Guo, J. C. Shillcock and R. Lipowsky, J. Chem. Phys. 131: 015102 (2009).

Tension-induced vesicle fusion: pathways and pore dynamics.
L. Gao, R. Lipowsky and J. C. Shillcock, Soft Matter 4: 1208-1214 (2008).

Insight or illusion? seeing inside the cell with mesoscopic simulations.
J. C. Shillcock, HFSP Journal 2(1): 1-6 (2008).

Pathway of membrane fusion with two tension-dependent energy barriers.
A. Grafmueller, J. C. Shillcock and R. Lipowsky, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98: 218101 (2007).

The computational route from bilayer membranes to vesicle fusion.
J. C. Shillcock and R. Lipowsky: J. Phys. Cond. Mat. 18: S1191-S1219 (2006).

Tension-induced fusion of bilayer membranes and vesicles.
J. C. Shillcock and R. Lipowsky, Nature Materials 4: 225-228 (2005).

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