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B. Christoffer Lagerholm


I am a Research Assistant Professor at MEMPHYS. My position is funded by BioNET - Danish Center for Biophysics

Research Interests

I am interested in determining whether there are membrane proteins which, independently of immobilizing intercellular interactions, are laterally confined within the plasma membrane. The identification of such membrane proteins will be an important step towards resolving ambiguities concerning the existence of lateral nano-domains, such as lipid rafts, in the cellular plasma membrane

Relevent Publications

  • Lagerholm, B. C., Weinreb, G. E. Jacobson, K., and N. L. Thompson. (2005) Detecting microdomains in intact cell membranes. Ann. Rev. Phys. Chem. 56:309-36.
  • Lagerholm, B. C., Averett, L., Weinreb, G. E., Jacobson, K., and N. L. Thompson. (2006) Analysis method for measuring submicroscopic distances with blinking quantum dots. Biophys. J. 91: 3050-60.
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